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About Us

At CleanLot we keep it simple. We provide reliable, quality street sweeping and power washing services using environmentally compliant equipment delivered with personal, professional customer care.  

Since 2007 we have been street sweeping and power washing some of the most recognizable homeowner associations (HOA) and parking lots in San Diego County. 

Call us today to learn why our customers choose us as their street sweeping and power washing provider!

We are fully insured. MasterCard and VISA accepted.  


Power Sweeping 
Streets  ** We specialize in HOAs! **
Parking lots with backpack blowing service 
>  Construction sites

Power Washing   
Sidewalks or concrete
Building exteriors 
Asphalt oil cleaning

Other Services
Storm drain cleaning
Litter pick-up 
>  Debris disposal/haul-away
Dirt/silt clean-up 


We don't cut corners with our equipment which is why we are able to provide our customers with quality results the first time and every time.

For street sweeping, we use Regenerative Air technology which is the most efficient and environmental way to sweep.  A controlled blast of air is used to dislodge debris which is then directed with the help of dual gutter brooms to the pick-up head into the sweeper's hopper. The debris and pollutants stay in the sweeper's hopper never exhausting polluted air in the atmosphere.  We use Tymco model 435s which have dual steering for safety and a water system to suppress dust.  

Our street sweepers are compliant with Air Quality Management District (AQMD) Rule 1186  and compliant with Air Resources Board truck regulations to reduce diesel exhaust emissions beginning January 1, 2012.

For power washing, our power washing rigs can clean with either hot (250 to 300 degrees) water or cold water at 3000 psi.  They are equipped to use water reclamation and/or water recycling along with sump pumps and vacuum berms to trap and reclaim water.  All of our operators are trained on current Stormwater rules and regulations.